The Gift of Service


"The greatest law of life in the universe is the law of service. God provides for every living thing, Christ came to earth to serve and give His life for humankind, and the angels are occupied in caring for the needs of humanity. The same law of service is seen throughout nature. The birds and animals, the trees, grass, and flowers, Sun, moon and stars all provide something of benefit to others.

"Is the world a better place because you are here? Strive to live a life of service; go out of your way to be kind to someone today. Kindness is rewarding. Giving is a condition of healthy living - a law of mental well being.

"Most of us find that when we're not in good health it's easy to focus on our own needs and difficulties. However, getting our minds off ourselves and working for the good of others is just what we need to give us strength to get well. It also reminds us that we are not the only ones with problems.

"Implement these changes one step at a time. As each one becomes a habit, take the next step towards improving your health. Finally, don't force the changes you make on others; just enjoy your new way of life until your friends and family desire the improved health that you now have." 

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