The Great Disappointment

The Great Disappointment of 1844 was not solely the result of human error. God ordained it. In wisdom, He hid from the eyes of His people the truth of the sanctuary message and led them into true heart searching, repentance and conversion. When the time came and Christ did not return, many who were hypocrites; pretenders who joined with the Advent people only to escape the fires of hell, were purges out by the disappointment. Little by little God rid His true people of those who didn't love Him.

If you lived during that time of expectation, where would you fall? Would you turn around and scoff at the failed coming of Christ? Or would you maintain your stand through the mockery, jeers, taunts and even violence; all for the truth of God?  Has God been made so real to you that no matter how hard Heaven and Earth falls you will believe every word?