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Pastor Paul Bailey



Pastor Bailey has been the pastor for the Hagley Park Seventh-Day Adventist church since late February of 2016, taking over from Pastor Leonard Steele. Pastor Bailey has since then made it known that he is undoubtedly all in for spreading the Gospel to not only Jamaica, but to the world all over. 

His evangelism takes many forms including going on field missions, medical missionary by participating in 5k health runs and even hosting his live Pastor's Corner sessions with the church where he personally talks to the brethren and they are given the green light to ask him any questions pertaining to the church and spiritual life. We now take his Pastor's Corner to the world wide web which acts as your own personal one-on-one with our pastor. In this corner he gives devotionals, tips on living a healthy spiritual life and even takes Q&A sessions through our online forms. Your interactions with him are completely anonymous and secure. 

Our pastor is here to help you on your spiritual journey to a better relationship with Christ. So take a look around and we hope you will find Christ a little bit closer through your interactions.


Sabbath Devotional


We do not half realize what the Lord is willing to do for His people.... Our petitions, mingled with faith and contrition, should go up to God for an understanding of the mysteries that God would make known to His saints.... An angel’s pen could not portray all the glory of the revealed plan of redemption. The Bible tells how Christ bore our sins and carried our sorrows. Here is revealed how mercy and truth have met together at the cross of Calvary, how righteousness and peace have kissed each other, how the righteousness of Christ may be imparted to fallen man. There infinite wisdom, infinite justice, infinite mercy, and infinite love were displayed. Depths, heights, lengths, and breadths of love and wisdom, all passing knowledge, are made known in the plan of salvation.  

- OFC 116.3 

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