Who is My Neighbour?


Who is my neighbour? I was asked this  question in my Sabbath school class some months ago, and although I had an idea of who a neighbour is according to  the Oxford dictionary definition  "A person or place in relation to others next or near to it". As professed Christians we are not called to be more than just individuals sharing a physical space with others.

The story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37 is important to every follower of Christ. Yet its message requires greater soul-searching than we usually consider necessary.

While the parable of the Good Samaritan, indeed,  is about helping the downtrodden, defenceless, and forgotten, Jesus wanted to teach us more—namely, how to recognize the many faces of our “neighbour.” In essence, He was not only trying to uncover our prejudices; He was also revealing Himself to us.

Jesus is the Good Samaritan, and He calls us to be like Him. His story teaches us how to answer the question, “Who is my neighbour?” and in doing so, how to exercise our own hearts.

Let us not be selective in who we consider our neighbours,  it's in the most difficult times, when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and you demonstrate acts of kindness,love and patience towards strangers who did nothing to deserve it and you will discover who is your neighbour.

I ask the question again, Who is my neighbour?